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Learn Colors with Watercolor Painting Fun & Creative For Kids!

Hey, Doc? Doc. Hello, anybody home? Einstein, come here, boy. What's going on? Wha- aw, god. Aw, Jesus. Whoa, rock and roll. Yo Children. Hey, hey, Doc, where are you? Children. A ...

The shooting challenge with our colleagues today

This sounds pretty heavy. I'm telling the truth, Doc, you gotta believe me. Doc. On the night I go back in time, you get- Doc. Hello, Jennifer. Calvin. Check out that four by four...

Almost as Epic as the previous version, only a lot better

Mother, with Marty's parents out of town, don't you think he oughta spend the night, after all, Dad almost killed him with the car. A bolt of lightning, unfortunately, you never kn...

Danny MacAskill – Cascadia and testing this to the limits

I don't wanna see you in here again. Look, I'm just not ready to ask Lorraine out to the dance, and not you, nor anybody else on this planet is gonna make me change my mind. I have...

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Uitzendgebied van Delta Media Video

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